This program is designed to cover the five key areas of Life coaching for Kids.

  • MindPower understand the power of your mind and why you achieve what you believe. How your mind shapes your world, the Power of Possibilities, Building Neural Pathways, how to use your RAS (secret radar in your brain) and most importantly Powershifting.
  • InnerPower. How to think for yourself, make good decisions and stand up to peer group pressure. Learning self-responsibility, Respect and Choosing integrity. How to make good decisions and standing up to Peer Pressure.
  • MePower. How to develop soaring Self-esteem and Powerful Self-Confidence. Learning to Love yourself, honouring your Uniqueness, believing in yourself and mastering self-talk and Self-Coaching.
  • DreamPower. Create your Vision, achieve your Goals, and Manifest your Dreams. Learn how to visualise what you want, Goal setting, law of attraction, the power of positive affirmations and Gratitude.
  • Slaying Dragons. Learn to bust through Fear, Deal with Mistakes, moving past Failure, managing Change and Conditional thinking.

This includes Initial Consultation with you and your Child and then 28 Sessions of 45 mins, one on one with your child, all workbooks, homework sheets, craft supplies, and Parent Handouts and 1 stress ball.

Frequently Asked Questions