What’s Life Coaching For kids all about?

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Most of our core belief systems are developed at a young age and this is what our sub-conscious minds draws on when making decisions every day. 90% of our actions are determined by our sub-conscious mind. 90% that’s a lot. So, you want to make sure that those core beliefs are working for you in a positive way. By learning how to create the belief systems you want, will then help you to become happy, successful and feel that luck is on your side. Don’t we want this for our Kids? We live in a world today were one in every 10 (10%) are clinically Depressed by the time they reach adult hood.

Coaching life skills teaches kids how to control their sub-conscious minds, how to develop positive thinking, how to be resilient, develops Self-esteem from the inside out, helps them belief in themselves and build Self-confidence. It teaches them to think for themselves, to take responsibility and helps them develop a vision of the person they want to be. We show them how being in control of our mind we can overcome Fear, Failure and Change.

A Powerful way to Coach Kids is to use Stories. At Lil’ Wise Wonders we use the Adventure in Wisdom Program, which has been designed for children 8-12 years of age but can be used with most children. Since the beginning of time many cultures have used stories to pass along traditions and to teach morals. Stories are powerful learning tool because they provide a vision, an idea we can relate to and they make us feel. They imprint a picture in our mind and a feeling in our heart.

Stories stimulate the brain which leads to a deeper learn, they are also a great way to start conversions with kids. When kids can relate to the stories they can then picture themselves in this situation and though story telling we can then explore different outcomes for them.

Along with each story there is a workbook to cover and key points from the story, this gives the children time to visualise what they want in this situation and understand the different paths life can take. It gives them the power then to be in control of their own destiny and when face with these challenges they are better equipped to make good decisions as they have already thought about what they want.

So why not Empower your child today and make a positive step for your child’s future by booking an initial consultation where we can discuss how this can change your child’s life. Together we can give your child Success, Happiness, Self-confidence, and Empowerment.

Why Coaching instead of Counselling?

Although life coaching and counselling may have similarities, such as asking the important questions, listening, and finding patterns in people’s lives, they are not the same thing.

Counselling is designed to help those with more serious issues lead a more normal life, productive life... or to get back on track after a major tragedy. They deal with deeper underlining issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, moving past neglect/ Abuse or going through personal crisis.

Life coaching is about helping people reach their full potential. For most people this means building Confidence, Self-esteem, reaching their goals, creating more balance and happiness in their lives and feeling fulfilled.

Life Coaching for kids is about providing a thought-provoking and creative process to help kids learn how to use the power of their thoughts and the power of their minds to create happiness, Confidence, and success in their lives.

And it Works!

certifideAbout Kim Bunting

I’m a certified Adventures in Wisdom Coach, A Plan it Youth Mentor and a Mother of 5. What started this business idea for me was ......

Over the last few years I have been volunteering at the local high school as a mentor to year 10 students and I love seeing these young adults grow with self-confidence. Together we are seeking possibilities, looking at their future and making them realise that they have amazing qualities they didn’t even know they had. By making the commitment to the student each week, they realise that they are important and that people care. This is so empowering for them and it’s amazing to see them grow. I’m not sure who learns the most from our journey together, them or me but we are both better off for making the effort.

My experience as a child growing up in a blended family have given me a great understanding about loving and caring for others. My family values were instilled at a young age and today is my most valued possession, my family. We all have our own story and it starts at birth. No two lives are the same even people living in the same house experience situations differently and I think learning this from a young age has given me the strength and conviction to lead me to where I am today.

I have also been a single parent, a step parent, a sister, a step sister, a daughter, and a step daughter. I’ve had experiences with children with Epilepsy, Diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, Coeliac and other illnesses, and many other learning difficulties throughout raising my children and step children. I have had many life experiences and I think these have given me the knowledge which allow me to help others through these difficult events that life throws at us.

wizard smlI realise that everyone needs a coach, a mentor or someone to guide them to see what is possible. In today’s society, there are too many negativity effects and children loss their way. Parents become too busy making ends meet and the teachers have too much already to cover in their short day. We need to be encouraging our children to dream, set goals and just feel like life is for living.

Kids need to know that we are all different and that’s ok. They need to know that everyone has their own problems and issues that they deal with daily.

They need to understand how they deal with these events will either make them successful or make them a victim. Therefore, I’m now on my new journey of Coaching children to see that things are possible if they have the right mindset, attitude, and the skills necessary to cope with life, they can achieve anything, be anything and survive anything.

“With Kim anything is Possible”

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