In addition, it is not only our bodies that needs water to do its job. As humans, water is a staple in our day to day activities be it in cooking, bathing, cleaning, washing, and more. How are we supposed to do all these things without using water? And I bet you cannot imagine it this either. Because of the many uses water has in our lives, it is not called the Universal Solvent for no reason. Not a single living creature on earth doesn’t need water. We may survive days without food as our cells stores up extra energy for us to use. But days without water would be very much impossible. Not just to us human beings, but to all other living things. We are talking about the planet and Mother Earth as a whole. In other words, water is essential for keeping the circle of life. It is essential for survival of every living thing.

We are lucky, in fact we are blessed, to have water readily available for us to consume. It is a necessity, and we can have it in an instant just by turning on the tap. In other places, or in other parts of the world, they do not have this luxury and access to clean and usable water. What’s even worse is that their water supply sometimes is the cause of health problems and sanitary concerns. Parents and children become sick, and the environment they live in becomes unsafe too.

It is for this very reason that we as the main caretakers of this earth and ourselves are tasked to conserve water for the welfare of all living creatures. We must take part every little way there is, to ensure that water supply is adequate and available for us and the future generations. Saving water will save the environment. And when the environment gives back, we are all benefited from it -- from our plants and crops, machineries that we use in this technologically advanced era, and most importantly, our health and well-being. A domino effect, as they say.

On the other hand, please take a time to visit Robins Nest website and take part in an organisation that promotes the well being of children that needs proper shelter and excellent health conditions and sanitation especially in Kenya and India. Taking care of the environment is also one way to make a Change 4 Change possible. Grab the opportunity now!