Luckily for women of this generation, society has now embraced their capabilities and is learning, although slowly, and bit by bit, at least, that they are of equal rights as the opposite sex. Gone are the days where women are inferior and helpless, because many have spoken up and have made a revolution to change this scenario.

This is the reason why women empowerment is so important as it gives hope to all women around the world. With this, they feel encouraged to feel strong, that they are not dependent on men (especially the men in their lives), that they can earn for their families and themselves, and that they can do something like most men have been doing for ages. We all just have to be aware of it. And raising more awareness will lead to a homeostasis of societal norms for both men and women.

Women empowerment will also help in tearing down gender discrimination against females, in tearing down the stereotype of them being weaker than men, in breaking the traditional expectations for them to know and do household chores, and for them to also be paid equally with men. This is so important for all women, that is why people should not take it lightly.

In line with this, women and girls alike, should take part in their stand to achieving their long cry for equality. Activities and movements for women and girls are arising and this is a jump start towards a community where all are accepted and treated equally. Teen Girls Circle – a coming together in a safe and sacred space for all females, is one fun and empowering way to use their voices, be heard and be seen. We are inviting every teen girl to take part in this wonderful journey and discover more about their full potential as well as going back to their most authentic, true self.

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