Since wellness plays a huge part in taking care of one’s self, an in-demand approach to this is the practice called “grounding” or “earthing”. It is an act of reconnecting yourself to the earth through walking barefoot on the grass, a swim in the ocean, or anything that puts you in contact with nature. In doing so, you will help your body to become like a sponge in absorbing negatively-charged electrons from the earth – a supply of neutralising antioxidant essential for health preservation. According to, “All our cells are made of atoms. Atoms possess unique positive and negative charges that are based on the number of negative electrons or positive protons they carry. Many healthy atoms have a negative charge because they possess more electrons; however, these atoms can have electrons “stolen” from them, leaving them highly reactive and damaging. In this state, they are called free radicals. As damaging free radicals infiltrate cells and tissues, our health declines. The only way to stop this destructive process is by supplying the body with neutralising antioxidants or a large dose of negative electrons, through grounding.” This has been practiced for a long time when our ancestors in the past walked in bare feet connecting it to their long-lived lifespans, good health, endurance, and excellent stamina.

Meditation is also one way to become grounded – imagine yourself standing, closing your eyes and visualising roots coming from your feet and drilling into the ground, breathing deeply, and with every exhale you push out all the tension in your body, pains, or aches and anything that’s keeping you away from where you really came from. It relaxes you, it sets you free, and it gives you a punch of emotional release. A chakra dance meditation could also help in unravelling blocked energies from your body and brings you back to your authentic self.

To give you a more thorough and detailed introduction to the chakra dance, you can click this link
It’s great to practise grounding each day as this will help enhance your happiness and mental health.

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Remember, happiness comes from within and you are the one who is responsible for your own. 😊