A post written by Kari B., from North Vancouver Recreation and Culture states the benefits of music and dance in the lives of developing pre-schoolers and children of these age group.
1. Music and dance engages the brain

New things may seem to be complicated for little kids but with music, learning can be made simpler such as sounds, words, and patterns. As with dancing, it gives them more control and balance of their body movements and actions. This then stimulates the connections they have in their brain.

2. It helps cultivate communication skills

Actions, tunes, and rhyming words helps kids learn in interacting with other kids. Their listening and social skills will be developed as well, which connects them with their peers and prepares them at school.
3. Music and Dance allows kids to express themselves
Listening to music and dancing with the rhythm can help the kids express the right emotions they are feeling at the current situation. If your child cannot put their thoughts into words, then this is a great way.
4. It helps foster physical skills 
Balance, control, and coordination are skills that can be learned through music and dance. These are important life skills that they will be using as they grow. Breathing and active exercises has proven their way in stress reduction and overall health.
5. Music and dance contribute to creativity and imagination
There is no greater way to foster creativity and imagination than through active lifestyle in dancing and the music they hear. These can cultivate their curiosity and learn above and beyond what the gadgets nowadays offer.
Having all of these said, the true potential of children and even students alike, can be emphasized with the help of music and dance. Introducing and encouraging our children to such things aside from the academics they learn at school would help them actualise the true self that they want to become.