Renaye Thornborrow, author of The Adventures in Wisdom Skillbooks, suggested the 5 I’s When Making A Mistake and tells us smart and helpful ways as to what we could do when committing these grungies or negative thoughts.
1. First, say “I did it”. Admit that you made the mistake. Don’t try to
hide it. Don’t make excuses. Don’t blame others.
2. Second, say “I’m sorry”. If you hurt someone, or disappointed
someone, saying ‘I’m sorry’ can help. And be sure to forgive yourself
as well – remember that everyone makes mistakes.
3. Third, say “I’ll fix it”. Sometimes we can fix our mistakes. If you
break something, you can replace it. If you forget to do something,
you still might be able to do it.
4. Fourth, say “I’ll learn from it”. Learn from the mistake. Ask
What do I get to learn from this mistake?
How could I have avoided this mistake?
What will I do different next time?
5. And finally, say “I let it go”. Don’t carry the mistake with you. It will
only drag you down and keep you focused in the past and not on
what you want to create today.”
We should keep in mind that the more we are aware of the mistakes we have done, and acknowledge that we fail from time to time, the easier it is for us to forgive ourselves and move forward. What we have done should be left in the past and never carry it with us as we go through life. In this case, we know that the coming days are brighter for us as we face it because we have started fresh and the burden we are carrying is left behind. A mistake is there to teach us.
Mistakes are Lessons we should never regret but instead take with us as we journey life.
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