In many researches, things work out for children depending on the relationship parents have with their kids. Being with them while sustaining their emotional needs score a lot higher if you want to raise kids having to behave acceptably in the society. At times when misconduct or misbehaviour happens, as parent, you should be able to communicate with them in a way that they’ll know you still love them despite that. You may hate their behaviour, but you cannot hate the child himself.

The importance of self-image, self-confidence, and self-esteem is again taken consideration when raising children. Studies have proved that they tend to mirror their reactions accordingly as to what adults at home and outside home show to them. They start building a right self-image for themselves based on how adults show them particular reactions that make them as such. This is when they decide whether it be they’re good people, or the opposite. Seeing them as smart, helpful, and good kids will allow them to think that they are indeed living up to what you are expecting them to be. However, thinking of and treating them the other way around will most likely result to that opposite behaviour as well. Self-confidence can be established when parents trust the input their children give them. It is when they could be able to behave calmly in situations because they know what they’re capable of. When parents show to their kids that they are appreciated and when they are assured every time, a good sense of self-confidence is no doubt seen in the child. Talk about self-esteem, parents can show their children that they are valued as an individual. They take pride in having their kids and they have a good opinion about them, and within themselves.

It is indeed a matter of how we put value in the way we carry ourselves as parents because it is also the way we are teaching our kids. Like sponges, they easily absorb what they see, hear, or experience. Our socialising skills is put into test every time our children are with us because that is the time they could observe how we deal with things and other people. The more our kids socialise too, the more they’ll be confident as well.

Ultimately, the way to bring up a well-rounded child is to have a strong support system in their home that they would grow up to be satisfied individuals, content with the things they have achieved, and determined to pursue their ambitions and materialise their goals.