Consequently, we forget that as humans, we possess the most powerful resource possible. We tend to ignore this powerful force that we have in us, because we only give little attention to the way we think. This is the “Power of the mind “--- our thoughts. And yes, it is our thoughts that serve as a driving force to the way we see life and deal with life. When we make use of the power of the mind, we make our thoughts work to our advantage. In addition, the Law of Attraction implies that whatever we give our attention to and focus on, we therefore attract. Our actions will be headed towards that direction, automatically without even noticing it. To simplify this, if we focus on negativities, we attract negativities. If we focus on positive things and a goal to achieve a desired outcome, then we attract positive vibrations that would help us materialise that goal in whatever way we can. Our thoughts influence the way of life we want to live. And when we are consciously aware of the thoughts that passes through our mind, it will allow us to have full control and stand in power over everything, as well as it will open new doors of opportunities that will awaken our inner strengths and potentials.

Turia Pitt, for one, is a living testimony on how she used the power of her mind to be victorious amidst life’s adversities. She is one of Australia’s most admired and recognised people because of her strength and resiliency in facing life again, head up, even with the horrifying and terrible accident she had way back 2011. For Turia, her life was well-planned with Michael, her partner, and a very promising career was already unfolding right before the Bush Fire mishap. However, life has its own way of surprising her with events that would later on turn Turia’s life upside down. She was competing in a 100k ultramarathon when she was trapped by the Bush Fires that seen her loss seven of her fingers and acquired 65% burns all over her body. Because of this, she lost her career in her dream job at Rio Tinto, endured 6 months in hospital, and underwent over 200 operations over a 2-year period.

(Image from: Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository)

For some of us, it might just be one of those appalling tragedies we may never find the chance and the courage to recover. It might be a reason for us to just give up on life and be discouraged about the misfortune. But for Turia, the tragic accident may have been the best thing to happen to her, she told ABC NEWS Sydney. Indeed, she is renowned for her pure grit. The athletic traits in her helped her to persevere in life no matter the circumstance and accomplish a goal which is positivity and the right mindset that she strongly believes in. Instead of focusing on her scars and the burnt body she got from that incident, she managed to pick herself up again, and believed that whatever you set your mind to, you will really achieve it. She is said to have a fierce and indominable spirit even before the tragic accident and has maintained that kind of quintessence even after the accident took its toll.

Today, Turia is blessed with a baby and is now enjoying a happy family of her own with Michael. She is a very passionate humanitarian and is an Interplast ambassador that provides free surgical treatment, repair bodies, and rebuild lives. All of these, she believes, is possible because she is surrounded with people that trust her, love her, believe in her, and tell her that anything is possible. Because of this, she was able to bounce back to life having a much brighter and more positive outlook then she ever thought possible after such a tragic event. Lastly, Turia’s story is an eye-opener for everyone right now, who happen to be experiencing difficulties you think you can no longer fight, think of her once more. And try to apply the same principles Turia’s story has left us with and certainly, using your mind’s power, will take you to places you have never even imagined were possible.

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