When our children leave the house for school, we entrust them to the school and we don’t get every little detail of their school day’s events. But it is usually at school that bullying starts. We can never be sure if our child is the perpetrator, or the victim because as many researches show, children choose not to share these incidents but instead keep them to themselves. The reluctance to share the experiences and choosing to keep mum or dad out of the equation makes it difficult for parents, teachers, and carers to identify probable causes and provide guidance to their children regarding these incidents. Students’ willingness and confidence to report bullying may also depend on the appropriateness of the processes the school provides for students to talk to staff, and on appropriate and respectful responses, or the support offered. This is the reason why communicating openly to the people we trust is a very important, we need to stress this to our children, they should not be afraid to voice out their concerns, they do not need to deal with things on their own when it comes to events, incidents or acts that might affect them emotionally, mentally, and most of all, socially.

When dealing with bullying, one should know how to:

1.       Talk it out with a TRUSTED person

-          Because these persons know what to do and whether they are in authority, allow them to take charge when you can no longer keep up with it, yourself. Better to seek help than wallow on these negativities the bullies cause you and suffer alone.

2.       Remember to believe in yourself.

-          Bullies have problem with power and control, that

-           is why they target you, a make-believe for themselves that they are MORE POWERFUL than you. But, YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT. You need to acknowledge and remember that all the time. This way, there is no room for the negativities that the bully tries to feed you with. You are responsible for how you feel and how you react and what you believe, not the bully so they don’t have the ultimate power over you, you do!

3.       Stand up for yourself

-          Don’t give them the power over you. Be strong and take a stand! Show them that you have the power to control the situation and always, always stand up for what is right. Do not be afraid to seek help if needed. After all, how you value yourself will show these bullies what you are, and what they’re not.

4.       Always Treat others as you want to be treated.

-          Don’t lower yourself to the bullies’ level, always act with respect, integrity and responsibility. This shows that no matter how people act, that you have values and morals which shows you as a stronger and better person then they are. You have great character and strength and good will always outweigh the bad.


If you seek further help with bullying or are feeling alone and afraid remember there is help there for you. Ask a Friend, a family member or some other trusted adult for help and advice. Or you can check out these other related websites are:





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