“I don’t want to disappoint my parents, but my friends wouldn’t let me join them if I don’t smoke.
I might as well try it” said 16-year-old Henry.

“If I join them making fun at someone, I’ll be in their cool group. I think I just have to deal with
it” said 15-year-old Chris.

These statements are indeed a clear manifestation of what peer-pressure is and how it has
affected the young ones of today.

Nowadays, fitting in and being accepted is becoming an issue towards adolescents, who in one
way or another, struggle to have their own clique and to become the coolest kids there is in

For most of them, being liked and respected by their peers is a top priority which is why they will
do whatever it takes to conform. Being the only person to say “NO” during these certain
circumstances might be very difficult for the young ones trying to get along with a group.

However, peer pressure doesn’t always mean negative. There are some peers who will influence
you positively and in a good way. It’s just a matter of better judgment and common sense. But
as to how exactly we use this, is the true question.

This is where our inner strength, beliefs of what is right and wrong, self-confidence, and
resistance to triggers come into place. As parents, we should make sure that their core beliefs
should be established early on for them to weigh up every situation properly. It is for this reason
that open communication among teens and parents must be stressed and given importance; so
that they feel that we are there for them to listen, to guide them, and know most importantly
that we are not here to accept their mistakes but correct them in the best way we can.

In any case, if your teen has already made a mistake and given into peer pressure, remember to
reconsider and help them get back on track. Avoid saying things that might end up with both
parties exhausted and upset. Show them that even though they did wrong, they can always move
on and start anew. Your support matters most to adolescents. Let them know that it is okay to
commit a mistake, learn from it, and pick themselves up, and that paramount to all these things
is to keep going and vow to never commit the same mistakes again.

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