Here’s how:

1.       Celebrate their success, and PRAISE them whenever it is due

No matter how small it is for you, celebrate little milestones because to them, it means the

world. Whether it be a perfect score in a spelling test, or an award from a teacher for

completing their homework, or a goal in their football team, be with them during these times

and DON’T FORGET to praise them for a job well done. However, while doing this, remind them

that it is not about the rewards you give after the success, but the idea that when they work

hard and put the effort in, it will always feel good.

2.       When failure gets into their way - NEVER CONDEMN, ENCOURAGE INSTEAD

Please don’t forget that your child is a work in progress and their mistakes are building blocks to

the success ladder. If you want to be taken seriously, your child does, too! Do not give them the

feeling that they’re being mocked, laughed at, blamed, or scolded every time they make a

mistake. Unlike you, they might just curl up in the bed and feel bad about themselves forever.

Tell them that is okay to fail, this is how we learn. Failure is an experience not a feeling.

Empathise with them for feeling low, but then talk about how they could do it differently next

time so that this doesn’t happen again. Use the magic words such as “You can”, “there will

always be a next time”, or say “you did your best and I’m proud of you”. Then the lesson is

learnt and you move on. The idea is you identify the issue, deal with it then you can move on.

3.       Show them you TRUST them

Big word? You might probably say it is them who needs to trust you and not the other way

around but believe it or not, showing your children that you trust them in the simplest of things

you assign or allow them to do (e.g.: choosing the color of your new car, suggesting a name for a

new sibling, or just asking his or her opinion in making a quick decision such as where to take

the family for dinner) makes them trust themselves as well which will consequently allow them

to build their self-confidence in the long run. It reassures them they are important and what

they think matters and doesn’t everyone want to feel like that?


Yahoo! Did that make sense? These are just few things we should be doing as parents to build

confidence in our children. You might want to try this for yourself or you can check out the Self

Confidence programs we offer for children.



Remember, confidence is just one aspect of our children’s development and we could help you out in unleashing the inner capacities that your child already has. Be sure to check in regularly for other informative blogs! Ta!

I hope you found this information useful and if you’d like to know more about life coaching for kids please contact Lil Wise Wonders and we’ll be happy to discuss this further.